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 Top 10 DotA players in the past year

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PostSubyek: Top 10 DotA players in the past year   Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:58 pm

10. Russia Jolie of Virtus.Pro: 70 points

Coming in at the bottom of the list is VP's leader and main strategist. Jolie has come up with many unique ways of shutting down Virtus' opponents using certain tactics that other teams have started to copy. Though Jolie does not take full credit for Virtus' strategies, he is the main man behind them all. Normally the solo player for VP, Jolie stays consistent with his farming, and also manages to keep up with VP's aggressive ganks.

9. United States Hit0mi of eMazing Gaming: 74 points

Andre has been the backbone of many teams in the history of North American DotA. Having played on top teams such as JMC, x6, coL, tPD and now eMg, Andre has experienced all types of play. Andre joined eMg a few months ago to try to be at the top of the DotA scene once again after going on a long vacation, and has already helped lead eMg to place 3rd in the MYM 7 Prime Defending tournament. In a earlier GotFrag article, he received recognition as the Best Individual Performance for his Rhasta performance against Ks in Prime Defending. This talent, combined with a vast knowledge of the game and clutch in-game decisions makes him one of the top players in the world.

8. Germany Hanni of Meet Your Makers: 131 points

Hanni has been one of MYM's star players since the beginning, even while playing under the Joy tag. With a talent for fulfilling just about any role needed, Hanni plays any hero with ease. He is known as one, if not the best solo player in the world with his aggressive nature and powerful micro. In particular, his Viper, Tinker, and Nevermore removed any doubt that he played the solo role on MYM to perfection, despite those heroes being overshadowed by others in the recent MYM pride.

7. Russia LightOfHeaven of sP[Palit]: 171 points

LightOfHeaven has been considered as the backbone of VP's rival team in Russia, Say PLZ. His ability to farm and knowledge of when to initiate and engage is amazing. He also helped lead the Russian team to win the first ever MYM Prime Nations. LoH started off his fame in PLZ by defeating many top teams such as compLexity and tPd in the ESL series, using heroes such as Silencer and Viper to perfection. He is also one of the pioneers of the Necronomicron build on Silencer, among many other heroes.

6. Russia Ars-Art of Virtus.Pro: 181 points

Ars can be seen playing just about anything, ranging from Stealth Assassin to Silencer under the name Jermain, but his forte is ganking heroes. Famous for his innovative use of Pudge and aggressive Lina, he is one of DotA's top assassins. He used to always be seen in the shadow of teammates Vigoss and Jolie but has recently proven he stands behind no one. Ars is able to dominate any lane with his overly aggressive play style, and has mastered the art of ganking. He is often considered the best one versus one player in the game currently, meaning you don't to want to meet him in the river alone! He never picks a fight he can't win, his hooks and stuns are always spot-on, and his aggressive play style overwhelms even the most skilled players. When ARS is at the top of his game, he can shutdown an entire team by himself.

5. United States FearDarkness- Retired: 220 points

The first American powerhouse, Fear has his roots in the IGS days. At that time, he was nearly unmatched in terms of overall gameplay and especially micro. This reputation would remain largely true up until the end of his DotA career. His early accomplishments were most notable with clan Plug, which would later become team compLexity, arguably the best DotA team to have ever come out of the United States at the time. This was backed by some impressive results: compLexity took second place in Cal season 1 and first in Cal Season 2. After the international DotA scene started to expand, Fear continued to impress, such as ranking 1st in IHCS and continuing to bring compLexity impressive victories in ESL and MYM Pride 4. Overall, he has created a legacy that will not be forgotten. Some speculations on why he quit: It has been said that he was going to focus more on school, others have said that he started playing WoW. Now, yet another rumor has started saying he may return someday, creating his own team to hopefully take over the American DotA scene once again.

4. Sweden Loda of SK Gaming: 239 points

The leader of the SK Gaming squad, Loda has helped SK make a name as one of the top teams in the world. His role is usually on the solo / carry hero, represented best by his amazing Shadow Fiend. He plays a crucial role on the team, as Maelk once said in a video interview at Dreamhack Summer 2007, if you shut down Loda, you shut down SK. However, Loda distinguishes himself from most players by the fact that he manages to outfarm everyone while still helping the rest of the team gank. He is most famous for his solo Tiny and Faceless Void, proving that a melee can solo and also dominate his opponent in the process.

3. Denmark Maelk of Meet Your Makers: 249 points

Maelk has been a key factor behind MYM's success ever since founding the team when it was still called Joy. He is the leader of MYM on many fronts. He is MYM's main strategist, having surprised many experienced teams more than once. For example, he was the mastermind behind MYM's devastating push strat, defeating SK with it at Dreamhack. In-game, who else plays the Chen leading the ganks? Maelk of course. His leadership, knowledge of the game, and overall skill makes Maelk a prime candidate in the top 10 players. Though he has been getting a few complaints recently, there is no doubt that he has been one of the top players in the world for quite some time.

2. United States Merlini of Meet Your Makers: 283 points

Merlini has been with DotA for a long time, and has been long regarded as one of the top American DotA players, if not the best. As seen by his fearsome solo and some truely innovative jungling abilities, Merlini is not the type of player you wish to be against. His insane individual skill was first seen by many in his numerous IHL replays. These replays contained a combination of incredible farming and clutch moves. He was brought in with a warm welcome to the American team JMC in Cal season 2 where he continued to show his solo dominance. Following a minor retirement, he returned to show everyone that he still had it as he joined MYM, where he still amazes today, notorious for taking trilanes on all by himself.

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1. Russia Vigoss of 403 points

It is no surprise that Vigoss has been called the best DotA player of all time. He has been invaluable in winning Virtus.Pro back-to-back MYM Pride tournament victories and much more. He has the uncanny ability to roam around the map killing everything in sight and yet end with the highest level. Even when he has a rough start, it's no surprise to see him at the top of the scoreboard. In nearly every game, Vigoss is seen leading the ganks which completely shut down the other team. Another amazing aspect is that he can play any hero flawlessly. Whether it's hitting near perfect arrows on PotM or his reckless Bounty Hunter, or even his Witch Doctor, one thing is clear: Vigoss is here to stay and to continue dominating the competition.
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PostSubyek: Re: Top 10 DotA players in the past year   Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:12 pm

nama gw koq gk ada seh
salah tuh
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PostSubyek: Re: Top 10 DotA players in the past year   Fri Dec 12, 2008 5:40 pm

iy nama gw juga ga ada!! Pendusta tuh!!


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PostSubyek: Re: Top 10 DotA players in the past year   

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Top 10 DotA players in the past year
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